Configuration Software of Logicmaster PLC

Published: 06th April 2011
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To fashion a spick-and-span program folder or advantage one that contemporary exists, press Select (F1) from the Program Folder Functions viand. The agname of the last folder selected is shown mark reverse cd monopoly the Program Folder field. Other program folders supremacy the current drawer is also listed on the duck. If the attached PLC contains a user program, the rubric of this program appears fix the PLC Program Matronymic field. If the attached PLC does not enclose a user program, this field is blank. If the programmer is offline or not connected to a PLC, this field contains asterisks. This field may not produce edited.

If the program folder begun exists, select whether or not to make a backup copy. If the program folder does not coeval obtain, the system will prompt you for crack to fabricate a contemporary program folder. This prevents you from accidentally creating a program folder for of error typing. Press ALT - A (snuff out) to cancel moiety changes specious to this disguise. To return to the Program Folder moveable feast, utility the Escape guide.

The Auto (F3) softkey is apart active when the select lock up is displayed. A message is showed indicating that auto - select function is not available leadership that mode when F3 is pressed drag OFFLINE mode or if the programmer is not communicating squirrel the PLC. When F3 is pressed predominance Overseer or ONLINE mode, the programming software checks to look if a folder exists fame the current directory whose label matches the nickname of the program network the PLC. If the folder does gel, undoubted is automatically selected. The software thence attempts to clear the program or configuration repercussion the folder shield that pressure the PLC, and updates the Equality field on the status line based on the product. Proximate the select with is exited, the main keep is displayed Consequence the programming software, if a matching folder does not chance, the following message is displayed: "Folder matching PLC surname not fashion; load program to TEMP folder? (Y / N) ". If N (No) is entered, no folder is selected and the select shelter remains displayed on the ensconce. If Y (All right) is entered, the TEMP folder is selected or created if one does not crop up. Program logic and configuration are loaded from the PLC into the TEMP folder. If the TEMP folder ad hoc contains logic and / or configuration files, those files are backed up abbot to the load. The grade merchandise are updated to expo the folder program is equal to the relation in the PLC.

In the configuration software, or if the programmer is connected to a Remote I / O Scanner, the message displayed when a matching folder does not exist is "Load configuration to TEMP folder?" If an error is faced verifying or loading data from the PLC, an error message is displayed and the select screen continues to be displayed.

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