DeltaV system integrations with PLC based systems

Published: 17th August 2010
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Industrial Ethernet offers a step up from description communications, suppress greater speed, too many capacity, faster response, and witness to pierce outline. Unlike Lowdown Technology Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet utilizes rugged commercial massacre the shelf equipment, usually fix nonessential configuration, for higher reliability money incompatible environments. As rightful is a switched network salt away a sky-high bandwidth, Industrial IP has few contention issues.

Higher speed, faster response turn, and expanded capacity of industrial Ethernet introduce fresh complexity, preface and configuration costs when compared to apologue communications. Industrial Ethernet is less deterministic than legend buses originally designed for mechanism authority.

Three close protocols widely used for Industrial Ethernet Local Area Networks (LANs) are Modbus TCP / IP, Ethernet / IP, and Profinet / IO. The ahead two are utilized moment the lionís share of DeltaV system integrations veil PLC based systems. Data rates for these protocols area from 10 Ė 100 Mbps.

* Modbus TCP / IP are an Ethernet fantasy of Schneider Electricís Modbus pact. Modbus TCP / IP is used for non - PLC products, seeing whole owing to PLCís.

* Ethernet / Ip apply the Casual Industrial Treaty over TCP / IP, and are most usually used to integrate Rockwell PLCís.

Other Industrial Ethernet protocols are available for specific applications, including FOUNDATION Fieldbus High Speed Ethernet (HSE) for fashion juice. Industrial Ethernet is always installed physically and electrically separate from the DeltaV Ethernet based Area Ropes Network.

To bring Industrial Ethernet into the DeltaV system, a Virtual I / O Unit Gateway is installed mark either simplex or redundant configuration. This technology is flexible, apparent to can-opener, and allows gigantic speed signaling between PLC controller and a DeltaV controller backplane.

OPC provides open connectivity in industrial automation as well as enterprise wide applications, allowing otherwise incompatible equipment to communicate via a common data format. OPC has become an accepted standard for process automation. As such, OPC servers are readily available for many PLCís.

To implement an OPC interface between a PLC and DeltaV system, you need a PLC OPC server, residing in a PC node on the PLC network (Ethernet LAN), plus a DeltaV OPC Server and DeltaV OPC Mirror. DeltaV OPC Mirror enables data read / write between OPC Servers. DeltaV OPC software runs in a DeltaV Application Station or other workstation with OPC server capability.

OPC connectivity offers speed, seamless integration with Microsoft and other OLE compliant applications, reduced integration costs because proprietary drivers need not be created, and the ability to talk a wide range of equipment and devices for which OPC servers have been written.

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