Fieldbuses for Home Automation

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Published: 16th November 2010
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Home Automation is the use of one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely to create an easier, safer, enjoyable living environment.

Fieldbuses are traditionally used in the Industrial Automation context to interconnect different devices like PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), sensors, actuators and any other intelligent node at the field level, providing a powerful data communication tool with definite characteristic. The broadness of the market that fieldbuses networks are aiming at, have led to a large number of different protocols, such as Controller Area Network, Process Field bus, Modbus and recently tended toward the use of Industrial Ethernet standards, Powerlink is one of these relatively new fieldbuses, based on standard Ethernet.

A home automation system, also called domotic system, smart home system or ambient intelligent system, is an electrical infrastructure that uses a communication mean to exchange data in order to interact with the environment, for example to turn on a light, to raise the temperature or to close the window, managing the domestic context in an intelligent, safe and comfortable.

Whatever term one wants to use, it refers to multidisciplinary field that includes informatics, and electronics, automation and telecommunication, and it seems to be destined to become a billionaires business in next years, according to the last statistics.

There are many Home Automation system producers in the world such as, Siemens, merten, ABB, Lonworks, Bticino, Vimar, Duemmegi, EasyDom Corporation, Futurware, Digital Cybermasters, Hills Home Systems, Intellihome, etc.

The company is renowned in the field of home automation has issued a special application for the iPhone that enables your iPhone to control many things in the house via Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Almost the same function as a remote control, iPhone or IPAD can be used for a variety of things ranging from light, air conditioning, audio, video and much more.

A Home Automation System can automate the entire home. The system has the capability to interface with and remotely control the Lighting, Vehicle Detection, Fire Alarm and Security Systems. It also integrates with Local Area Network through your enhanced Structured Wiring System.

The Home Automation System Control can be programmed by the time of day, date as well as based on changes to the outside temperature or motion detection. The system can be programmed for an away mode that will arm your security system and lower or raise the temperature within your home and do the opposite when you return home. The Functions can also be changed over the phone or through your Internet service.

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