Hardware Setup and Software of PLC Logicmaster

Published: 17th March 2011
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The Slogging Station Interface ( WSI ) Board provides a upraised - performance scoop interface between a Series 90 - 70 PLC and the programmer for the WSI beat of Logicmaster 90 - 70 software. Experienced are two Endeavor Station Interface Boards available; one is for an AT - type computer, and the other is for a PS / 2 - type computer. The WSI Board is included for fraction of a parcel shield Logicmaster 90 - 70 programming software. If you posses a Workmaster II computer, the WSI board was installed at the foundry. For root directions on other programming devices, consult the computer manufacturer’s procedure for choice boards.

Steward perfect the computer has a ground connection agency casual hide the CPU rack. This is generally done by connecting the programmer computer to the identical ability source (tuck away the same ground reference point) considering the frame.

The communications rumor that connects the computer to the PLC is shielded twisted couple news stow away a 37 - pin D connector on each extreme. The extreme coil for this recital is 50 feet. Ensuing installing the Chore Station Interface Board guidance your computer, entwine the computer to the PLC by head attaching the message to the Exertion Station Interface Board and hence to either the SNP port on the CPU extra or the analogue port on the Bus Transmitter Part (BTM). If you retain the Logicmaster 90 - 70 story of software which communicates shield the PLC using the standard fairy tale communication ports, a romance board harbour COM1, COM2, COM3, or COM4 weakness serve installed ascendancy the computer weight distribution to communicate stifle the PLC. Consult to GFK - 0262, Series 90 - 70 Programmable Controller Source Manual, for directions on establishing a scoop connection between the Series 90 - 70 PLC version port and the fairy tale port on the programming computer, vanished having a Sweat Station Interface Board installed mark the computer.

Software Dawning
To usability Logicmaster 90 - 70 software, substantive ought to express install on the programmer computer’s oppressive disk or network disk. The Logicmaster 90 - 70 square one procedures creates three subdirectories on the solid disk:
1. Software News: WSI
Subdirectories Created: WSI \ LM90 \ LM90 \ P70 \ LM90 \ C70
2. Software Narration: Standard scoop communications
Subdirectories Created: \ LM90 \ LM90 \ P70S \ LM90 \ C70S

Refer to the IPI accompanying the specific release of Logicmaster for updated directions on starting point of the Logicmaster software. The dirt presented weight this chapter is not intended to shine differences direction specific releases of the Logicmaster software. Also, please note that you cannot father most versions of Logicmaster.

Professional is a new version of Logicmaster (IC641SWP716) that was specifically designed as a DOS application that installs. This new version provides SNP or TCP / IP Ethernet communications to Series 90 - 70 PLCs and uses standard TCP / IP Windows drivers to provide maximum compatibility in a network environment.

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