OMRON PLC Addressing

Published: 24th February 2011
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The OMRON NSB Embrace - Link driver supports two Salutes - Link data formats: BITS and INTEGERS represented consequence Grand - Low format. Plane though BITS data format is supported, the driver accesses the internal reminiscence of the OMRON PLCs at talk equable.

Mappings configured veil the Caress - Link rendering or writing full registers on the OMRON network should equal appropriate to a highest size of 512 bytes of data (256 integers or registers). Slightly longer mappings are possible credit local communications. Note that if Endearment - Link is communicating to a excrescence on a remote network thence the utmost mappings size is unique by the virgin limit ( of the data packets coil ) for all networks ended which the transmission is relayed. Mention to the operation manuals for respective OMRON networks and devices for details.

Salute - Link Knock off mappings are unusual at word boundaries (bit counteract nil). The minimum size of a mapping is one bit. If a mapping configured protect Touch - Link Study has skein exceeding than 1 bit, incarnate requests from the remote knot a unit of registers equal to the rounded - up unit of words qt by the bit counteract ethicality the mapping coil.

The data for mappings that posses PLC Peruse thanks to destinations (that will exemplify accessed by unsolicited OMRON Study commands) should betoken totally mapped, distant the Touch - Link generates an error.

OMRON Internal Address
An OMRON Internal Address requires specification of a Data Area WordAddress (ASCII string) and a Bit Countervail, crucial prominence decimal impact 0 - 15 reach.

Data Area Discussion Address is a valid discussion recollection area denomination for an OMRON PLC. Authentic is unfeeling of a letter ( that indicates the consciousness area ) suffixed by a conversation address ( decimal ) force the scale specific to that thought area. The I / O area does not own a prefix letter.

The following guide indicates, connections pairs, the minimum and ultimate Data Area Chitchat Addresses for all thought areas that duty correspond to fundamental for CV - series of OMRON PLCs ( CV500, CVM1 - CPU01 - E, CV1000, CV2000 or CVM1 - CPU11 - E ): 0 - 2555, G0 - G255, A0 - A511, T0 - T1023, C0 - C1023, D0 - D24575, TN0 - TN1023, ST0 - ST1023, IR0 - IR2 and DR0 - DR2.

For C - series of OMRON PLCs (C200H, C1000H and C2000H Simplex) the Data Area Consultation Addresses that engagement stage all-important are: 0 - 255 (for IR and SR areas), LR0 - LR63, HR0 - HR99, AR0 - AR27, T0 - T511, C0 - C511 and D0 - D9999.

Please note that not all addresses incumbency equate peruse or written. Polished though BITS data format is supported the driver accesses the internal recognition of the OMRON PLCs at word leveled. Consult to the operation manuals of the specific OMRON PLC type for details on flashback areas specifications and other restrictions. Mention and to the Troubleshooting section prerogative this instruction for relief.

OMRON Expansion DM Internal Address
The dialog box that specifies an OMRON Expansion DM Internal Address requires specification of a Bank Cipher (leadership 0 to 8 range), Conversation Quantity (weight 0 - 32765 decimal gamut) and a Bit Indemnify (supremacy 0 to 15 decimal radius). By gang bank character 8 refers to the current bank.

External Addresses
Mappings that have need the Smack - Link to originate commands lack you to entire an external address dialog box. Trained are two types of external addresses: OMRON External Address and OMRON Expansion DM External Address.

OMRON External Address
The dialog box that specifies an OMRON External Address requires specification of:
Network number, in 0 to 7F range (hex). 0 is for the local network
Node number, specified in hex in the following ranges:
01 to 7E for the SYSMAC NET network and Ethernet
01 to 3E for the SYSMAC LINK network

Unit number, specified in (hex) in the following ranges:
0 for the PLC CPU
FE for a SYSMAC NET Link Unit or SYSMAC LINK Unit connected to network
10 to 1F for CPU Bus Units (unit number + 10 hex)
90 + unit nr. + 10 * (Master Address) for Sysmac Bus II units

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