Utilization plc for induction motor control

Published: 03rd September 2010
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Hide briskly changes on industries and information technologies moment recent senescence, some methodical bulk electronic appliances retain to imitate monitored for a spread out bit. All of their driver's seat devices concentric over communication interfaces gradually enter the internet science term. The juice of all equipment has been performed over the kick of computers. Most equipment uses PLC to marry hush up computers to recorder each load and electricity consuming devices. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are widely used network industrial might since they are inexpensive, facile to institute and undoubted flexible pressure applications. A PLC interacts veil the extrinsic terrene buttoned up its inputs and outputs.

Since technology for progress guidance of electric drives became available, the cause of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) disguise ability electronics domination electric machines applications has been introduced access the manufacturing automation. This appropriateness offers advantages matching due to lower voltage drop when gamy on and the aptitude to control motors and other equipment shroud a virtually peace bent aspect.

Myriad factories benefit PLC character automation processes to diminish production cost and to gain merit and reliability. Other applications embrace engine instruments screen choice precision computerized numerical restraint due to the worth of PLC. To attain accurate industrial electric drive systems, it is necessary to use PLC interfaced with power converters, personal computers, and other electric equipments. Nevertheless, this makes equipment more sophisticated, complex and expensive.

A power factor controller for a three phase induction motor utilizes PLC to improve the power factor and to keep its voltage to frequency ratio constant under the whole control conditions. The vector control integrated circuit uses complex programmable logic device and integer arithmetic for the voltage or current regulation of three - phase pulse - width modulation inverters.

Many applications of induction motors require besides the motor control functionality, the handling of several specific analog and digital I / O signals, home signals, trip signals, on / off / reverse commands. In such cases, a control unit involving a PLC must be added to the system structure. A PLC based monitoring and control system for a three - phase induction motor, it describes the design and implementation of the configured hardware and software. The test results obtained on induction motor performance show improved efficiency and increased accuracy in variable load constant speed controlled operation. Thus, the PLC correlates and controls the operational parameters to the speed set point requested by the user and monitors the induction motor system during normal operation and under trip conditions.

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